Associate Professor Barbara Masser with Alison Gould The University of Queensland; The Australian Red Cross Blood Service Many years ago, way back in the 20th century, some inquisitive soul asked me what I researched. “Blood donor recruitment and retention” I said proudly. Shooting me a look that suggested I had […]

Even better than the real thing or Frankenblood? The ...

Author: Dr Morgana Lizzio-Wilson Medical and surgical abortions are safe procedures with low mortality rates for Australian women1. Despite this evidence, it is currently illegal for women to access abortions in New South Wales and Queensland unless a doctor believes a woman’s physical and/or mental health may be jeopardised by […]

Abortion Law Reform and Destigmatisation in Australia: How Can Social ...

Associate Professor Barbara Masser with Alison Gould The University of Queensland;  The Australian Red Cross Blood Service “Hi Kylie, your blood donation is at work!  Your blood has gone on to save lives at St Vincent’s Hospital”. My friend proudly showed me the text she had received after her last blood […]

Multiplying the joy of giving: Why texting blood donors works

In July this year, I headed off to Albuquerque to present at the annual Society for Psychological Study of Social Issues (SPSSI) conference in New Mexico, USA alongside my fellow PhDers, Tulsi Achia, Morgana Lizzio-Wilson. I hadn’t been to a SPSSI conference, or to the States, and I didn’t know […]

Making Good (Policy): The SPSSI 2017 Summer Conference

  Legal decision-making in relation to sexual assault is often influenced by shared social beliefs (schemas). In investigating these beliefs, prior research has confounded different schemas – offence prototypes, sexual script schemas, and victim and perpetrator stereotypes. At this stage, it is unclear which schemas are influential and when, making it […]

2017 Honours Projects: Victim Blame in the Courtroom

Author: Gianni Ribeiro Contrary to popular belief, forensic comparison evidence, such as fingerprint evidence, are tasks completed by a human not a computer. For over 100 years, fingerprint experts have been able to testify in a court of law that two prints match to the exclusion of all other people, […]

Forensic Evidence in the Courtroom

Author: Cassandra Chapman I started my PhD to find out why people give to charity. And why they don’t. Before starting at UQ I worked in fundraising and communications for child-focused charities at home (New Zealand) and abroad (El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Thailand). It was an emotional job. […]

Why do people (not) give to charity?

  It has been a busy time of year for the ASP lab members, and so time to publicly share our good news… Michael Lam was successful in his application for an APA scholarship to begin a PhD with A/Prof Masser in early 2017. Chantelle Baguley had her paper “Deconstructing […]

Congratulations to ASP lab members!

Author: Kiara Minto The Australian Royal Commission into Child Sexual abuse in Institutions revealed a dual failure of numerous institutions to protect the children under their care. Firstly, institutions had failed to prevent initial instances of abuse and secondly, they had frequently failed to appropriately investigate allegations of child sexual […]

A Social Identity Approach to Understanding Responses to Child Sexual ...

On Monday night, Associate Professor Blake McKimmie and Associate Professor Barbara Masser from the Applied Social Psychology lab and Associate Professor Mark Horswill from UQ’s School of Psychology were presented with a UQ Excellence in Teaching and Learning award at Customs House by UQ Provost Professor Aiden Byrne. This award […]

Crime101x in the Teaching & Learning Award Line-Up