Dr Tamara Butler
In my PhD, I was interested in why individuals sometimes find it hard to ask for support from groups they feel strongly connected to. In particular, I investigated how an individual’s perception of the support, and how they feel it reflects on their identity in the group, influences their willingness to ask for help in the future.

More broadly, I am interested in group dynamics, the identity processes involved with giving and receiving support, and how these might impact a person’s health and well-being. Apart from the Applied Social Psychology Lab, I am also involved in the Social Identity and Groups Network (SIGN).

My other (varied and fanciful) research interest include: the benefits of pet ownership for human well-being, stigma surrounding seeking help for mental health issues, and the rise of ‘gamification’ in psychological research and in society.
Dr Chantelle Baguley
PhD (UQ) BSc (Psych)(Hons), LLB (Hons), GradDip (Legal Practice)
My PhD research focusses on jury instructions—the instructions a judge gives to a jury in a trial outlining the relevant law the jury should apply to the evidence to decide their verdict. I am investigating whether instruction simplification has a dual effect on jurors’ decision-making.

Specifically, whether simplification increases jurors’ application of the instructions to decide their verdict, but also inadvertently decreases how open they are to discussing the evidence with other jurors, and how open they are to being persuaded by other jurors in deliberations. In this way, my research aims to identify an important, yet overlooked, adverse effect of simplifying instructions—a practice which, to date, has only been viewed favourably. Through identifying this issue, and proposing potential solutions, my research aims to enhance the quality of jury decision-making.

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Dr Morgana Lizzio-Wilson
PhD (UQ) BPsySc (Hons)
I'm passionate about applied research and social justice. My broad research interests include prejudice reduction (with a focus on sexism), coping with stigma and discrimination, and effectively involving higher status groups in collective action on behalf of lower status groups (e.g. men campaigning for women's rights).

I want to conduct research with activists and community groups to solve these complex social problems, and disseminate my and others' research to a non academic audience.
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Dr Cassandra Chapman
Dr Kiara Minto
Dr Faye Nitschke
Dr Michael Lam
Dr Harrison Lee
Dr Tom McIlroy

Graduates Pre-2012

PhD Graduates

  • Dr Jasmine Rijnbout (2012): Deviance in group decision making
  • Dr Emma Antrobus (2011): Perceptions of child witnesses
  • Dr Sharon Dane (2011): Timing of disclosure of sexuality
  • Dr Michelle Nesic (2010): Perceptions of working mothers
  • Dr Joanne Brown (2010): Severe disabilities
  • Dr Renee Zande (2010): Consequences of sexism
  • Dr Tanya Strub (2010): The effect of note-taking on juror decision-making
  • Dr Zoe Nielsen (2009): Terror management theory and death
  • Dr Kieren Moffat (2008): Diversity in the armed forces


Masters Graduates

  • Amy Kevill (2011): Student attrition
  • David Lee (2010): Student attrition
  • Ebony Gibson (2009): Vasovagal reactions among youth donors
  • Adele Eather (2008): Vasovagal reactions
  • Pieter Ruyters (2008): Groups and stress
  • Terence Lu (2008): Social support and prototypicality
  • Allira Rogers (2007): Social support and stress in sports teams