Recruiting and Retaining Apheresis Donors

Despite an emerging theory-based Australian literature on whole blood donation, there is no local and only scant international literature on how to effectively recruit and retain voluntary non-remunerated plasma and platelet (apheresis) donors. Using an augmented Theory of Planned Behaviour framework, this research will assess the role of donor identity and commitment in predicting whole-blood donor conversion to apheresis donation and apheresis donor retention. The final stage of this research will comprise a field intervention study designed to optimise apheresis donor recruitment and retention. Identifying the predictors of apheresis donation will assist in the provision of this vital service to Australian health care providers.


  • Associate Professor Barbara Masser
  • Associate Professor Katherine White (Queensland University of Technology)
  • Associate Professor Liliana Bove (University of Melbourne)
  • Professor Deborah Terry

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

  • Dr. Kathleen Bagot (University of Queensland)


  • Masser, B.M., White, K.M., Bove, L.L., & Terry, D. (2010). The initiation and maintenance of plasma and platelet donation in Australia: An analysis of the role of donor identity and commitment. ARC Linkage Grant (with the Australian Red Cross Blood Society). $371,000 over 3 years.

Selected Publications

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