Crime 101x

Crime101x Courtroom

In the latter half of 2014, Barbara Masser and Blake McKimmie (with Mark Horswill) successfully developed and ran a Massive Open Online Course titled “The Psychology of Criminal Justice”. The award winning course enables students to learn first hand about the psychology of criminal justice, by experiencing a fictional crime case first-hand.

A series of eight professionally produced and presented crime drama videos are used, though any episode within the series can stand in its own right and be applied as an instructional supplement in a range of psychology courses. Each episode is associated with specific psychology concepts (e.g., memory reliability, bias) and is tied together with supplemental instructional videos in which the faculty members explore the relevant psychological literature as well as implications for application.

Since launching, the course has attracted almost 40,000 students from 170 countries!  The resources developed for the course will now benefit on campus UQ students in PSYC2361 (The Psychology of Criminal Justice).

Sign up for the course via edX here.