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Donor Grant Materials

Increasing organ donor registration at New Mexico Motor Vehicle Departments. This website makes available the materials used in Prof Jason Siegel and colleague’s research on increasing donor registration at New Mexico Motor Vehicle Departments.

Southern Cross University’s Impact Case Study

DRREAM: Donation, Registration, Research, Education, Awareness (estimated reading time 7-10 minutes). Read about the impact of Assoc Prof Gail Moloney and team’s research on increasing registrations on the Australian Organ Donor Register.

DoRN Week of Talks Presentations:

Understanding the Barriers to Organ Donation Under Opt-out Legislation by Dr. Jordan Miller. In her DoRN Week of Talks presentation, Jordan discusses two studies that were completed during her PhD: 1) A qualitative interview study conducted to examine attitudes towards the current opt-in system and the planned opt-out system from the perspective of individuals who plan to opt-out, and; 2) a follow up experimental study that explored the role of language threat level and message framing on organ donor intentions (viewing time 30.56 minutes).


Opt-out organ donation: The simple solution to the worldwide donor shortage? by Dr. Jordan Miller (estimated reading time 12-15 minutes)