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Featured Researchers: Eva Maria Merz & Sanquin team

Professor Eva-Maria Merz & Sanquin Team Featured Researchers Professor Eva-Maria Merz Twitter Linkedin Link Eva combines her theoretical and applied...
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Featured Researcher: Dr Kelly Holloway

Dr. Kelly Holloway Featured Researcher Twitter Linkedin Link Kelly is a medical sociologist with interdisciplinary training in health policy and...
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Featured Researcher: Rachel Thorpe

Dr Rachel Thorpe Featured Researcher Twitter Linkedin Link Rachel is a social researcher who completed her PhD in Sociology from...
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Faecal microbiota donors

Engaging Faecal Microbiota Donors Simon Baunwall & David Pearce + the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood Microbiome Team Stool (also known...
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Featured Researcher: Vera Raivola

Vera Raivola Featured Researcher Twitter Linkedin Link Vera is completing a PhD at the University of Eastern Finland. Her research...
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Featured Researcher: Dr Jordan Miller

Dr. Jordan Miller Featured Researcher Twitter Linkedin Jordan is a Research Fellow at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. She...
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