By the Donor Research Network 

Interested in working with DoRN? Below we have listed a number of ways you can become involved with the Network. 


Thinking about doing a Higher Degree by Research? We are available to supervise Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or Master of Philosophy (MPhil) students in the areas of applied social psychology and/or advancing social psychological theory, specifically focused on prosocial behaviour and emotions, or donors (e.g., blood donors) and donation-related behaviours (e.g., donation systems).

For more information on available projects, please contact Professor Masser.

If you are interested in doing your fourth year thesis on donors of substances of human origin (blood, organs, bone marrow/stem cells) there are spaces offered each year. Supervision opportunities will be advertised by the fourth year coordinator at the start of each year. Please contact Professor Masser prior to submitting your preferences. 

For more information, click here.

If you like the idea of doing research but you’re not sure it’s for you or what it entails, the UQ Summer and Winter Research Programs are a great way to find out before you commit to more study or a postgraduate research degree. UQ also offer two one-unit research experience courses as second-year electives (PSYC2991 or PSYC2992), which provide a structured opportunity for undergraduate students to gain experience working on a research project. 

For more information on these opportunities, click here.