The DoRN Symposium Series

May 11, June 8 & July 13 2022

Hosted by the Donor Research Network (DoRN)

and the University of Queensland

About the event

Where: Virtual- Online
When: 11 May, 8 June & 13 July, 2022
Cost: FREE

The DoRN Symposium Series will be hosted by the Donor Research Network (DoRN) and the University of Queensland.


About: The DoRN Symposium Series is a platform to promote understanding about, and awareness of, the latest developments in research on donor behaviour. This event will bring together a multidisciplinary network of researchers, practitioners, and organisations from around the globe. The event will consist of three key days: Diversity and Donation (11th of May), Early Career Donor Researchers (8th of June), and Ethics and Donation (13th of July). 


The Symposium Series will be held over three days, one day each in May, June and July, 2022. Each day will feature guest speakers who will present on: Diversity and Donation (Day 1), Early Career Donor Researchers (Day 2) and Ethics and Donation (Day 3). 

Wednesday 11 May 

Diversity and Donation

Wednesday 8 June

Early Career Donor Researchers (ECRs)

Wednesday 13 July

Ethics and Donation


The DoRN Symposium Series will feature a number of presenters, including Peter Flanagan (blood donation), Gregory Moorlock (organ donation), Kiersten Israel-Ballard (human milk donation), Ros Williams (stem cell donation), Yonghui Ma (microbiome donation), Rachel Hale (blood donation), Thomas Mone (organ donation), and Rachel Thorpe and Vera Raivola (blood donation). 

Online Platform

Attendees will be provided with a link to the presentations each day, which can be watched at their convenience- anytime and anywhere.


Details on how to register for this FREE event are provided below.

How to Register

Registrations have now closed! If you missed out on registering for our symposium series and would like to access the talks please reach out to us at 

Past Reviews

By all accounts, our last Week of Talks was a success, we had 25 talks, 300+ registrants and 1.9k views on YouTube! we were excited to hear some wonderful feedback from our attendees and presenters:
“ Well done. An extremely professional event"

"Thank you for the opportunity to present and participate. Fab event. Great idea."

If you have any questions, please contact us for more information