Bone Marrow &
Stem Cells

Resources by the Donor Research Network 

Information sheet:

Save a life- Join the bone marrow registry (estimated reading time 5 minutes): This information sheet provide answers to questions such as what is the Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry and why is it important? Why is matching and ethnicity important? How can I join the Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry? What happens if I am someone’s match and how often will I be someone’s match?

Online Video:

Stem cell donation whiteboard video series (viewing time 3.29 minutes): To learn more about stem cell donation, check out this informational whiteboard video series by the Stem Cell Club

DoRN Week of Talks Presentations:

Virtual recruitment campaigns to engage specific demographic groups as donors by Dr. Warren Fingrut. Dr. Fingrut founded the Stem Cell Club in 2011 to enhance recruitment of young and diverse unrelated donors in Canada. In his recent DoRN Week of Talks presentation, Warren discusses how the organisation uses virtual campaigns such as Black Donors Save Lives and Saving Lives with Pride to recruit specific demographics of donors (viewing time 28.18 minutes).


‘“I’m part of a larger community helping each other out”: a qualitative analysis of women’s reasons for and meanings of donating cord blood to Canada’s national public cord blood bank by Dr. Jennie Haw. In her talk, Dr. Haw discusses the background on umbilical blood cord donations and the national cord bank in Canada, and provides an overview of the social science literature on cord blood banking, including the literature on why people donate or would donate cord blood and the gaps in this literature. She also presents the findings of her recent qualitative analysis of the meaning of cord blood donations for people in the perinatal period who donated or wanted to donate (viewing time 33.55 minutes).


Optimizing cord blood donor recruitment (estimated reading time 10 minutes). Read Dr. Jennie Haw‘s prize winning entry in the Canadian Blood Services Lay Science Writing Competition which describes how recruitment of cord blood donors at a national public cord blood bank can be optimised.


Engaging donors from specific demographic groups: Stem cell and blood donor projects by the Donor Research Network (estimated reading time 5-8 minutes).