Human Breast Milk Donors

Resources by the Donor Research Network 

Project Summaries:

Engaging and meeting the online information needs of potential milk bank donors (estimated reading time 10 minutes): A scoping review of milk bank websites was undertaken to enhance existing milk bank websites or inform newly created websites. This summary provides seven key recommendations as to the essential information to provide to potential milk bank donors. 

DoRN Week of Talks Presentations:

Human milk: Current evidence on selling, sharing, and donating by Dr. Maryanne Perrin and Bruna Gutierrez dos Santos. In their talk, Dr. Perrin and doctoral student Bruna Gutierrez dos Santos discuss what the literature says about sellers, sharers and donors of milk. They also discuss the complexity of the milk market, and the results of their latest systematic review on milk donors (viewing time of 24.03 minutes).


It takes a village to feed a child: motivations of a milk donor by Courtney Tyson (estimated reading time 10 minutes)